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TAP3X Group of Companies

TAP3X Testimonials - Reviews

"Our TAP3X Testimonials & Reviews were written to us by our students, associates, colleagues and by our clients. We can only post 200 reviews but we have hundreds more testimonials and reviews available to read at our TAP3X Headquarters Offices... We wish to thank them all for attending our many TAP3X classes and for their written comments and contributions to our TAP3X website!"

Dan Meadows, CEO, Consultant & Chief Instructor (TAP3X)

Quotes Excellent Instructor! Well versed and extremely knowledgeable! (all 5s) Quotes
Student name withheld by request
Concealed Carry Handgun Student

Quotes Everything was great! Best Instructor I have ever had with firearms! (All 5's) Quotes
Dominick N.
Student, NC Concealed Carry Handgun Class

Quotes Mr. Meadows is a wonderful instructor. I will attend more of his training. Everything was excellent! Quotes
Douglas P.
Concealed Carry Handgun Student

Quotes Dan is a highly professional, straight forward, personable and knowledgeable instructor. The mixed ethics, law, practice course ambient was stellar! I hope to work with Dan again. Quotes
Ailana N.
Concealed Carry Handgun Student

Quotes One of the very best articles ever written on the subject! Dan Meadows is the best! Sign up for his TAP3X Group of Companies courses today, you will walk away with more knowledge than you ever thought possible. Quotes
Michele Rahal
Re: "911, I Just Shot Someone" article & TAP3X classes

Quotes Everybody should check out Dan's classes, NC or around the US, everyone... Quotes
Jason Hyatt
Firearms Instructor and Radio Talk Show Host

Quotes Dan is a great instructor and awesome person. Quotes
Don Logan
Owner, Gunsmith, Firearms Instructor at Bearfoot Knives & Guns

Quotes Dan is a great trainer who puts on outstanding classes. Never stop training. Quotes
Robert Rail
International Trainer / Author

Quotes Dan Meadows is one of the top dog trainers in the US. If you are serious about getting properly trained in firearms, he's the man. ‪#‎Guns‬ ‪#‎FirearmsTraining‬ ‪#‎TacticalTraining‬ Quotes
Michele Rahal
President of The Shooting Channel, MediaValue, Inc.

Quotes "Dan is a great instructor and his training should be given serious thought if you're thinking of carrying a concealed firearm." Quotes
Dr. Richard J. Hoyer
Founder/President/CEO - Homeland Security Defense Coalition
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