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Dan Meadows, CEO, Consultant & Chief Instructor (TAP3X)

Quotes I enjoyed the class very much and would like to pursue more training with this instructor. Quotes
Donna W.
Concealed Carry Student

Quotes Happy with material covered. Great Job! Dan was knowledgeable and efficient. Quotes
Ryan W.
Concealed Carry Student

Quotes Excellent! Thanks for well organized and presented program... Very professional and informative. Quotes
Ashley T.
Concealed Carry Student

Quotes I feel that everything was discussed and explained very thorough! Great Job! Quotes
Robert T.
Concealed Carry Student

Quotes Was Great! Loved the class - I was nervous at first but Mr. Meadows was very thorough. Quotes
Elizabeth T.
Concealed Carry Student

Quotes All areas were beneficial. It was very informative and I feel safe about carrying concealed. Quotes
Emily A.
Concealed Carry Student

Quotes Well Presented! Quotes
Larry E.
Concealed Carry Student

Quotes I'll be back! (All 5's) Quotes
Joe T.
Concealed Carry Student

Quotes Unbelievably professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Great environment to understand that the class can be funny, entertaining and engaging while keeping in mind the utmost safety and responsibility. Great Instructor! Quotes
Morgan S.
Concealed Carry Student

Quotes Dan was extremely knowledgeable and the class as a whole was extremely informative. I will be taking more training classes with Dan. I truly enjoyed the day! Quotes
Matthew T.
Concealed Carry Student
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