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TAP3X Group of Companies

TAP3X Group of Companies



(Dan Meadows Consulting Group)

Expert Witness & Professional Consulting Services

We offer expert witness and confidential professional consulting services in Western North Carolina and throughout the United States for: Attorney Offices, Insurance Companies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Security Companies, Corporations, Shooting Ranges, Archery Ranges and for Product Manufacturing Companies.

Our Expert Witness & Professional Consulting Services offers:

Personal Injury Cases  

Product Injury and Liability Cases

Firearms & Ballistics

Shooting Incidents

Shooting Accidents

Stand Your Ground

Defensive Gun Usage

Self Defense

Weapons Usage

Hand-to-Hand Self Defense

Martial Arts Injuries

Archery Injury Cases

Hunting Accidents

Gun Range Safety & Standards

Law Enforcement Use of Force

Insurance Cases

Civilian Liability

Criminal and Civil Court Cases

Risk Assessments & Risk Mitigation

Product Failures and Liability Cases

TANGO3GLOBAL & Dan Meadows Consulting Group offers discreet investigations, research,

expert witness and consulting services for our many clients.

Contact us today and let us assist you with our

expert witness and consulting  services.


(Dan Meadows Consulting Group)

"Expert Witness & Professional Consulting Services"

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For Expert Witness or Professional Consulting Services

Please Contact:

Dan Meadows

TAP3X Group of Companies

Dan Meadows Consulting Group

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 828-553-5006