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Firearms Appraisals Hendersonville, NC

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TAP3X GunWorks

Firearms Appraisals, Hendersonville, NC

Contact us today to schedule a firearms (gun) appraisal service for your modern guns, collector firearms, antique guns, insurance, attorney, bankruptcy or for estate planning services.

We can also travel to your area for this professional service.

Contact our offices today for a firearms appraisal quote!

Don't lose money or the valuation of your modern or collector firearms.

Get a complete  and detailed certified firearms appraisal before you sell, auction or trade your guns!

Fast and Professional Certified Firearms Appraisals for our many

Clients and Customers

Contact us today to schedule an appointment

Tel: (828) 553-5006

or email us at:

[email protected]

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TAP3X GunWorks


TAP3X GunWorks offers our professional "Gun Broker Services" to assist and to help you sell your guns, gear, ammunition, accessories and much more!

Whether you wish to sell your guns, gear, ammunition or accessories separately or as a complete collection, we can assist you in finding that special buyer.  We will help you with all State, ATF or FFL requirements to sell your guns here in the United States or Internationally. 

Give us a call or email us at TAP3X GunWorks to find out more!

Gun Appraisal in Caswell County NC

Gun Appraisal's for the Richmond - Miles History Museum and the Caswell County Historical Association.

Firearm being apprised

"Wonderful appraisal.  Very useful and professional.  I really appreciate your help.  Again, thank you so much."
Gary S.

TAP3X GunWorks Certified Firearms Appraisal Services

TAP3X has a certified firearms appraiser on staff who will give you a professional valuation of your firearms (modern, antiques and collectibles).

Get your firearms appraised through our new TAP3X GunWorks Firearms Appraisal Services...

We evaluate and appraise all types of firearms including: collectibles, antique, modern and foreign guns for: attorneys, insurance, estate planning, consignment, auctions or for individuals who want to buy or sell their firearms.

Contact us today to provide this firearms appraisal service for you!

TAP3X Work Station with firearm

"I appreciate the time you took to fix and restore my firearm so I could sell it! Your recommendations for pricing it out were bang-on!"

Robert G.
01-30 Mosin nagant Rifle


TAP3X GunWorks will review, evaluate and appraise

the valuation of your firearms and gun collectibles!

Antique Firearms
Historical Firearms
Modern Firearms

Foreign Firearms
Military Firearms
Black Powder
Firearms Collectibles
Damaged Firearms

Gun Parts, Accessories & Ammunition

Richmond-Giles History Museum Gun Collection

Part of the collection from the Richmond - Miles History Museum and the Caswell County Historical Association. 

More TAP3X GunWorks
Firearms Appraisals

Firearms Range Training - Dan Meadows

Certified Firearms Appraisals

Get your firearms reviewed and appraised by

Dan Meadows
Certified Firearms Appraiser

Host of "Put It On Target" Radio and TV shows!

TAP3X offers unbiased and honest reviews and appraisal values of your firearms and collectible guns

TAP3X GunWorks Firearms Appraisals

Tel: (828) 553-5006

Email: [email protected]