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TAP3X Group of Companies

Dan Meadows

"The Shooting Whisperer


as seen and heard on radio, television, magazines and on-the-internet is available for

Radio and Television Appearances
Cable and Public TV News Reports
2nd Amendment Political Rallies
Gun Clubs and Shooting Range Events
Gun Shows
Hunting Clubs and Safari's
Outdoor Trade Show Events
Sporting Goods Merchandisers
Product Endorsements
Corporate Events
Keynote Speaker
Business Meetings
Specialized Training
Firearms Competitions
Hunting, Shooting and Trapping Classes
Groups or Private Lessons
"Ask The Shooting Whisperer"

Dan Meadows "The Shooting Whisperer"

attends numerous Gun Shows, Competitions

& Outdoor Expos throughout the United States each year.

TAP3X is based in Western North Carolina and we are looking for additional product manufacturers, retail sales companies, wholesalers, outdoor gear specialists and others who have outdoor industry products that they would like for us to help promote for them while we are out on the road.

This is a great business opportunity for you and "The Shooting Whisperer" can help you to promote your great events, outdoor products and supplies throughout America. 


Dan Meadows 

TAP3X Group of Companies

Email: [email protected]

Tel: (828) 553-5006


Fox Carolina News Interview with Dan Meadows

Dan Meadows, Author

"The Shooting Whisperer"


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"The Shooting Whisperer"

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Articles Written by Dan Meadows
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Proactive Concealed Weapons Carry vs. Complacency
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In The Real World People Must Train!

In the real world, people must train. They must prepare themselves for whatever it is that may come their way. They must plan ahead, gather and store whatever they might need to survive in the wilderness of the unknown.

Then too, they must learn to survive the threat, any threat that may challenge their very existence.

And when the time is right, they will react.

They will respond with all of the training, life experiences and animalistic instincts that they have developed inside of them, in order to survive an attack upon their very lives.

Then too, they will do this for others, their families and even their own villages.

They will do this as if their lives truly depended upon it.
And quite honestly, it does!

“It is the uncertainty of the next moments in our lives that we must be trained and ready for.”

Dan Meadows

To book a guest appearance with

Dan Meadows

"The Shooting Whisperer"

Business Meetings
Corporate Events
2nd Amendment Political Rallies
Outdoor Expo's
Gun Shows
Gun Shops
Gun or Archery Ranges
Firearms Competitions

Contact us at our

TAP3X Global Booking Offices

Tel: (828) 553-5006

Email:  [email protected]

NC State Certified CCH Instructor # 100194949

NRA Certified Instructor & RSO

Military, Law Enforcement & Civilian Instructor

Our TAP3X Refund or Class Change Policy

Payments for all scheduled training classes, events or private lessons that are conducted by Dan Meadows and / or the Staff of the TAP3X Group of Companies are subject to this TAP3X Refund Policy.  Registration for any and all training classes, events or private lessons indicates that the student’s are in agreement with the terms of this TAP3X Refund Policy.


Cancellations, Changes and No-Shows

If a scheduled class, event or private lesson is cancelled by the TAP3X Group of Companies, all registered students will either receive a full refund, provided by TAP3X Group of Companies, or they may elect to reschedule themselves for another class date of their choosing. Students can request a change of date (attendance) up to 3 days in advance of the scheduled class, event or private lesson without penalty or additional fees being applied. If a student cancels a TAP3X class, event or private lesson more than 3 days in advance of the scheduled class, event or private lesson, the student will receive an equivalent credit to the class fee already paid, and applied towards a different TAP3X class, event or private lesson given on another date. If a student cancels within 72 hours of a scheduled TAP3X class, event or private lesson, or should they fail to appear for the class, event or private lesson, the student forfeits the paid tuition in full.  No refunds shall be given.


Student’s Removal from a TAP3X Class, Event or Private Lessons

If a student is removed from a class, event or private lesson due to repeated safety violations, intoxication, and / or any other disruptive behavior, the student will forfeit the paid tuition in full and no refund shall be given.

Signed, Dan Meadows, CEO TAP3X Group of Companies