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Gunsmithing Services, Parts & Gear Shop

Located in Western, NC

We offer fast & reliable Gunsmithing, Gun Repairs, Armorer Work, Gun
 Cleaning, Bore Sighting, Sight Installations, Trigger Adjustments, plus many more services
for our customers!

"TAP3X GunWorks staffs certified gunsmiths and armorers"

Certified Armorer Services are available for our law

enforcement, security and military groups or agencies.

Order your gun parts, tools and accessories for your
at-home gun repair's

(We accept "PRE-PAID GUN PARTS" orders only)

Email us or call us today!

Email: dan@tap3x-training.com

Tel: (828) 553-5006



TAP3X GunWorks does not sell guns, nor do we offer any firearms transfer services. We can however recommend others in the area who can offer you
FFL Firearms Sales & Transfer Services!

TAP3X GunWorks

Gunsmith Services & Gear Shop

~ New Guns ~

~ Antique Guns ~
~ Collector Guns ~
~ Foreign Guns ~
~ Broken Guns ~
~ Gun Repairs ~
~ Gun Parts ~
~ Stock Work ~
~ Trigger Work ~
~ Refinishing ~

~ Gun Cleaning ~
~Fix or Replace Sights~
~ Optics / Bore Sight-Ins ~
~ Accuracy Tuning ~

~ We also provide Firearms Appraisals ~

TAP3X Firearms Appraisals

TAP3X Gear Shop

Braun Concealment Systems

TAP3X offers

Braun Concealment Systems

ydex, Carbon Fiber or Holsters and Holders

Available  now - Order Today!

Send us the make & model of your firearm or type holster needed....
'll send you back your quote!

TAP3X Sample Colors and Designs

Contact us today for custom pricing
on your holsters or holders!

TAP3X GunWorks & Gear Shop
Braun Concealment Systems

Tel: 828-553-5006

*We Ship Anywhere*

* Check with USA state laws & international laws before
ng gun parts or magazines!

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