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Firearms Appraisals

We offer Certified Firearms Appraisal Services for Auctions, Gun Collectors, Insurance Companies, Gun Stores, Attorney's Offices, Bankruptcy,  Personal Property Appraisals, Estate Settlements and Private Sales.

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Certified Armorer Services

Law Enforcement & Military

We have Armorers that specialize in Military Small Arms and Law Enforcement Duty Weapons; including: Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Automatic and Crew Served Weapons.

We will service and repair all makes and models!

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TAP3X  GunWorks

Gunsmith Services

Gun Cleaning Services

We have a Gunsmith available who will service all makes and models of handguns, rifles, shotguns, as well as antique, collector  & foreign made firearms.

*We also do Bore Sighting , Sight Adjustments, Sight Replacements, Gun Cleaning and much more!

Let us repair, adjust or clean your firearms today!

We offer Fast & Professional Services!

Church Safety and Security Group 

Training & Services

by TAP3X

TAP3X offers Church Safety and Security Training for your

Pastors and Asst. Pastors
Ushers & Deacons
Security Team Members
Church Staff

TAP3X also provides:

Risk Assessments
Risk Management
Security Team Training
Concealed Carry Classes
Church Security Event Planning
Staff Security Operations Planning
Building Security Recommendations

TAP3X can also provide you with:

Church Event Security
Church Safety and Security Team Members
Armed or Unarmed Protection Specialists 
Referral Services

Holsters & Holders

by Braun Concealment Systems

Handgun Holsters, Magazine Holders and Knife Holders

Our company vendors create and build custom made Holsters, Magazine Holders and Tactical Knife Holders, made from Kydex, Carbon Fiber, Leather or other materials.

Contact us for custom pricing for your make or model holster or holders...

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"Put It On Target Radio Show"

Dan Meadows is the host of the

"Put It On Target" Radio Show

& TAP3X Radio Show (Internet Radio).

Always great guests, great topics and great information on the shooting and hunting world that truly does help you

"Put It On Target"!

We are currently looking for new sponsors and advertisers for our radio programs and on air productions! 

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Put It On Target TV Show

Dan Meadows is the Host of the  "Put It On Target" TV Show. 

We are actively looking for sponsors, advertisers and guests for

our television programs and event productions! 

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Dan Meadows

offers expert & tactical instruction in:

Firearms, Archery, Survival  & Tactical


Dan Meadows is 

"The Shooting Whisperer" 

His expertise in firearms, archery, survival & tactical training for our military, law enforcement and civilians alike has been internationally recognized and is second to none. 

Book a class or event with Dan Meadows today!

"Dan Meadows travels, trains and teaches people worldwide!"

For any or all of these fine

professional services or training programs...

Please Contact:

Dan Meadows

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