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TAP3X offers the latest and very best in short range and long range shooter training!

From classroom based training, laser targeting systems, virtual trainers, simulators and live fire shooting events at area gun ranges, TAP3X shares over 52+ years of shooting experience and dedication to the shooting sports industry and to their participants!

Join Western North Carolina's Leader in Firearms Training, Gun Safety and in Gun Safety Training!

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Concealed Carry, Gun Safety 

& Firearms Training


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Dan Meadows

CEO & Chief Instructor

NC State Certified CCH Instructor
NRA Instructor
Military & Law Enforcement Trainer

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Gun Safety Training 

Concealed Carry Classes

& Firearms Training

Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

(Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Long Range Shooting)


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Dan Meadows

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Concealed Carry II - Beyond the Basics

2018-2019 TAP3X CLASSES

Home Defense Shotgun Classes



For: Urban and Rural Homeowners wanting to learn more about Firearms Safety for them and for their families. Class includes instruction on Self Defense and Firearms Protection at home, or while in public!

TAP3X Tactical Training Classes

Tactical Pistol

Tactical Rifle

Tactical Shotgun

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NRA Home Firearms Safety
NRA Pistol
NRA Rifle
NRA Shotgun
NRA Personal Protection In The Home 

Outdoor Shooting Events

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Personal Defense Handgun I - Basic
Personal Defense Handgun II - Intermediate
Personal Defense Handgun III - Advanced

Tactical Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun  Classes

Firearms, Archery, Survival & Tactical



2018-2019 Classes

Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun 

Gun Safety Classes

Firearms Training Classes

Home Defense Shotgun
NRA Classes

Home Firearms Safety 

Skeet & Trap Shooting

Competition Target Shooting

Tactical Training Weekends

Black Guns and Tactical

Law Enforcement

Military Weapons Training

Armed Security Firearms Training

Personal Protection Specialists

Business Owners Firearms Training

Specialized Weapons & Tactics Training

Also, join our Competition Training Classes

and Private Lessons Training sessions; 

3 Gun, Shooting Leagues, Bullseye, International, NRA, Bianchi, IDPA, IPSC, Skeet, Law Enforcement

& Many More!

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* A Veteran Owned and Operated American Company

Our TAP3X Refund or Class Change Policy

Payments for all scheduled training classes, events or private lessons that are conducted by Dan Meadows and / or the Staff of the TAP3X Group of Companies are subject to this TAP3X Refund Policy. Registration for any and all training classes, events or private lessons indicates that the students are in agreement with the terms of this TAP3X Refund Policy.

Cancellations, Changes and No-Shows

If a scheduled class, event or private lesson is cancelled by the TAP3X Group of Companies, all registered students will either receive a full refund, provided by TAP3X Group of Companies, or they may elect to reschedule themselves for another class date of their choosing. Students can request a "refund" or "change of date (attendance)" up to 1 day in advance of the scheduled class, event or private lesson without penalty or additional fees being applied. If a student cancels their attendance to a TAP3X class, event or private lesson "less than 1 day" in advance of the scheduled class, event or private lesson, the student will receive an equivalent credit to the class fee already paid, and applied towards a different TAP3X class, event or private lesson given on another date. If a student should fail to appear for the class, event or private lesson, the student forfeits the paid tuition in full. No refunds will be given.

Students Removal from a TAP3X Class, Event or Private Lessons

If a student is removed from a class, event or private lesson due to repeated safety violations, intoxication, and / or any other disruptive behavior, the student will forfeit the paid tuition in full and no refund shall be given.

Signed, Dan Meadows, CEO TAP3X Group of Companies

Where: TAP3X Studio Offices - 361 Glensprings Drive, Fletcher, NC 28732 (828) 553-5006