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Offering you the very best in 

Firearms, Archery, Survival & Tactical Training

We Have

"Top Tier Instructors with Top Tier Classes"


TAP3X offers

Firearms, Archery, Survival & Tactical Training
Expert Witness and Consulting Services
Gunsmith and Firearms Appraisals
TAP3X Holsters & Mag Holders
Personal Protection Seminars
Concealed Carry by TAP3X
Certified Armorer Services
Concealed Carry Classes
TAP3X Knife Holders
TAP3X Gear
& More!

We are located in Western North Carolina

( Hendersonville, NC )

We offer


Firearms, Archery, Survival & Tactical

Why not attend one of the very best

Firearms, Archery, Survival  & Tactical Training

Schools in the United States!

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"Train, Defeat, Survive, Live On"

Womens Defensive Handgun Class






Mens Concealed Carry



* Our Next Class is June 6, 2015

(08:30 - 6:00 pm)

Its called Concealed Carry Classes, however it's also been called:

Concealed Carry, Concealed Carry Handgun, Concealed Carry Weapons,

Concealed Carry Gun Permit,

& more...

We offer the

North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Classes
in Hendersonville, NC  each & every month!

We also serve all of the State of North Carolina

with regional training classes being held in:

Asheville NC

Charlotte NC

Greensboro NC

Raleigh NC

Fayetteville NC

Wilmington NC 

and other surrounding areas!

"Host an event!"

We can also travel to where you are...

"In Any State & Any Where"

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Concealed Carry Handgun Classes

by TAP3X

NC State Certified CCH Instructor # 100194949
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Our weekly show segments include:

Gun Industry News

Armed Citizen Encounters

Hunting News and Tips

Legal Gun Owner News

Gun and Gear Reviews

Gun Control Politicians

Our Second Amendment Rights

Our Gun Rights Freedoms

and much more...

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"Put It On Target Sportsman Adventures"

Hunting and Fishing Trips

Sportsman Adventures

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International Hunting Broker Services

Discounted Hunting and Fishing Trips

Outdoors Advertising Services

Outfitters and Guide Services

Outdoor TV Productions

TV Advertising Services

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Dan Meadows, Broker (Hunting & Fishing)

Put It On Target Sportsman Adventures

Tel :(828) 553-5006

Email: putitontarget@gmail.com

A member of the
DK Outdoor Adventures Broker Network

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Dan Meadows "The Shooting Whisperer"

Dan Meadows "The Shooting Whisperer"

Archery Shooting with

"The Shooting Whisperer"

Our 2015


We offer;

Archery Lessons

Archery Training

Youth Archery Training

Bow Hunting Classes

Bow Hunter Safety Courses

Archery Competition Training Classes

Archery Coaching for Individuals or Groups

Archery Shooting Tips

We can also travel to an Archery Range near you!

Email or Call Us Today!

Tel: (828) 553-5006

TAP3X Private Lessons - Dan & Lynda

TAP3X offers Private Lessons

Firearms, Archery Survival & Tactical Training

Book your private lessons today with
Dan Meadows

"The Shooting Whisperer"

Tel: (828) 553-5006

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TAP3X features our very own 

CEO & Chief Instructor

"Dan Meadows"

The Shooting Whisperer

International Firearms & Archery Instructor

Radio & TV Talk Show Host


Over 49+ years of experience in 

Firearms, Archery, Survival & Hunting

Over 41+ years of teaching experience in

Firearms, Archery, Survival & Tactical Training

Contact Dan Meadows for the very best in;

Archery Training, Hendersonville, NC 

Expert Witness Services, Hendersonville, NC

Firearms Appraisals, Hendersonville, NC

Firearms Training, Hendersonville, NC

Gunsmith Services, Hendersonville, NC

Concealed Carry, Hendersonville, NC

Concealed Carry by TAP3X, Hendersonville, NC

(We can also travel to you!)


Group of Companies

* TAP3X Mailing address:

638 Spartanburg Hwy Ste 70-139  Hendersonville, NC 28792

* Please note: Our training locations are not the same address

as our business office address!

Email: dan@tap3x-training.com

Tel: 828-553-5006

"Put It On Target" with TAP3X


We look forward to training with you soon!

"Train, Defeat, Survive, Live On"

* A Veteran Owned and Operated Company

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Newsmax Interview
with Dan Meadows

Put It On Target
Radio Show

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In The Real World,
People Must Train

In the real world, people must train. They must prepare themselves for whatever it is that may come their way. They must plan ahead, gather and store whatever they might need to survive in the wilderness of the unknown.

Then too, they must learn to survive the threat, any threat that may challenge their very existence.

And when the time is right, they will react.

They will respond with all of the training, life experiences and animalistic instincts that they have developed inside of them, in order to survive an attack upon their very lives.

Then too, they will do this for others, their families and even their own villages.

They will do this as if their lives truly depended upon it.
And quite honestly, it does!

“It is the uncertainty of the next moments in our lives that we must be trained and ready for.”

Dan Meadows

TAP3X - Gun Show Trader

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"It's not how well an instructor can shoot, but how well they can teach you to shoot... Dan is outstanding in both. Train like your life depended upon it, because it may!"

Robert Rail , Trainer & Author
"Surviving the International War Zone" Stories from conflict. "The Unspoken Dialogue" Understanding Terrorist Body Signs

"I took a class on May 17th in North Tonawanda, NY. YES!! I said NY!! I learned more in this 4 hour class than I have in several others I've taken. Dan is a true professional and an expert in what he teaches. I am recommending anyone new, beginner, needing a refresher, etc. to take a lesson with Dan. I can honestly say you won't regret it! Best Class hands down."

Barbara Lee
Class Participant
Defensive Handgun for Women Class
North Tonawanda, NY
"Dan Meadows has an amazing grasp of interviewing and the ability to discuss topics covering martial arts to an array of firearm technique and safety. In my opinion an incredible source of well rounded knowledge."

Marshall R. Teague
Professional Actor, Public Speaking,Voice Over at Marshall Teague

"Dan Meadows is a rare individual who meticulously performs his core competency with precision and detail. Mr. Meadows is the CEO of TAP3X Training and is also the co-host of The Shooting Channel Radio show, a firearms related podcast that deals in training, teaching, types of firearms and the 2nd amendment. I have worked with Mr. Meadows for several months and find his ability to connect with people to be masterful. He's known as "The Shooting Whisperer" for good reason. I look forward to a long a rewarding relationship with both Dan and TAP3X Training."

Michele Rahal
President of The Shooting Channel

"Dan is a knowledgeable hard working pro 2nd Amendment advocate who provides an intelligent understandable voice to the people. There is no one better!"

Tom King

President at New York State Rifle & Pistol Association

"Mr. Meadows has always been a detail oriented professional in our work together. His knowledge of the outdoors, weapons, tactical training, and his ability to teach and relate them to others is second to none. I would highly recommend Mr. Meadows as a business partner, consultant, instructor, or any other need one may have in the outdoor industry."

Brad Isham

Active member at Mason Dixon Outdoor Writers Association

"I had the pleasure of conversing with Dan on his radio show speaking about hunting and tactical shooting utilizing our Target Tracker Moving Target Systems covering some new web-video based training courses we have in development. Soon to be released Law Enforcement Tactical Training System - (view-able at www.lettsystem.com) It is enjoyable speaking with someone that "Gets it" right away when it relates to combat, tactical training and applications for hunting as well. Truly it seems Dan and I share some passions to save lives and enjoy wildlife. Kudos to you Dan, it was a pleasure being on your show and I look forward to the business syn-energy we can generate in the future!"

Stay Safe and Shoot Straight!

Respectfully Submitted,
Wayne McGregor
Target Tracker Tactical Business Development Group- Law Enforcement Tactical Training System

Dan Meadows has the most complete background, when it comes to shooting instruction (regardless of the tools used) and self protection, of anyone I know. You can bet his advice is sound. I am honored to be associated with Dan.

Leon Measures
Shoot Where You Look

September 5. 2014

Dan Meadows has years of experience in the firearms industry and is a skilled marksman, trainer, and Radio Talk Show Host. If you are close to his business be sure to seek him out for training. If not, then be sure to catch his weekly show it will be the best 1 hour investment you can make that week.

Chris D. Dixon

Store Mgr w/Signet,

Rep for McMillan Merchant Solutions, Owner of Conceal & Carry Network

I have worked with Dan Meadows from many different standpoints. In the beginning of our business relationship Dan was always a great sounding board for concepts and tactical training formats, so much so I include him on our Advisory Board for such mentor-ship and advice! Dan and I have worked on a few projects together from Moving Target Systems, Marketing, Tactical Training and advising on Firearms Creation. Dan is an asset to the firearms industry as a whole and is very informative in sharing collaboration ideas and business growth. I would recommend Dan for virtually anything, his knowledge is vast in the firearms business and he has an incredible work ethic and the skills to accomplish anything we have worked on together. Kudos to you if you select Dan to assist your or your company.

I am proud to call Dan a friend in the business!

Respectfully Submitted,
Wayne A. McGregor
CEO of Target Tracker Business Development Group & Moving Target Systems - www.targettracker.net

Dan invited me to be a guest on his radio show “Put It On Target”. I found Dan to be Well informed & engaging. I felt very much at ease speaking to Dan on air and he made everything just flow. He has a captivating style that keeps hanging on his every word. If you have not listened to his show, you certainly are missing out.

Chris Avena

Owner, SeeMeHunt.com

  • "Dan is an amazing marksman, myself being a former use of force instructor for the Province of Ontario, Dan has given me numerous tips on marksmanship. His tactical knowledge is ..."
    Richard Rogers, Sgt TPD
  • "Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity - August 1, 2012 - Hired Dan as a Career Coach in 2012 "
    William Nelson
    CEO, Discrete Executive Protection Security
  • "Having served with Dan as a Security Professional in the Gulf Coast during the hurricane Katrina aftermath, it was my pleasure to work along side him in handling many facets of ..."
    Milt Crosson
    Federal Contractor / Area Armed Security Manager

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